Single hinged door for NT cabinets

Premium glass doors


Transparent single pane glass doors

  • Saves up to 40% energy in existing Multidecks
  • OEM & Retrofit version available
  • Easy installation
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Fresh and clean look through perfect visibility
  • PVC body frame on top and bottom at the door

Product Descriptions


High quality hard 6 mm low-e coated glass

Maximum Transparency

Frameless glass doors from REM-Europe are offering high transparency which provides excellent visibility

Energy saving

REM Europe  single glass door systems are saving up to 40% of energy

REM Single Glass doors  offer a transparent door solution retrofitted or integrated in new refrigerated cabinets. They are produced perfectly adapted to the respective furniture sizes. The low weight and the practical grip hole offer the customer and the service staff ergonomic usability, energy saving, temperature maintenance and hygienic protection included.

Technical Specifications

Material High quality hard low-e coated glass
Size 6 mm
Typical dimensions Diff. lengths  up to 1900 mm possible – width 612 m