Side walls for cooling cabinets


Side walls for cooling cabinets

  • Insulated side glass with printing and gasket
  • Insulated curved glass with printing and gasket
  • Side glass with printing Single curved glass

Product Descriptions


For commercial refrigeration sector we manufacture single, double and triple ( with and without heater ) curved and painted glasses

Maximum Transparency

By means of 20 years experience Yurtglass manufacture different type of glasses for variety of sectors like commercial refrigeration, lighting, white goods, furniture, construction.

Energy saving

REM Europe frameless glass door systems are saving up to 50% of energy

A stunning appearance and sustainable values such as durability, low energy consumption and low-maintenance operation are important factors, particularly in the case of refrigerated cabinets.
For this reason, we have developed a special procedure for manufacturing a transparent edge for multi-glazed, insulating glass that enables the edge to reach its full potential in terms of stress resistance, scratch resistance, impact toughness and general durability.