Cold Room Doors & Shelving Systems


Glass door systems


Glass door systems for cold rooms

For more than 15 years apart of the group REM Europe is manufacturing outstanding high quality of glass doors for commercial refrigeration.

Impressive presentation of goods in refrigeration units plus a huge reduction of energy consumption are only two of the most important arguments for REM products.

Product Descriptions

Maximum of visibility, fantastic presentation

REM believes that one of the key components for the growth of a business is design – a certain game changer in competitive markets. Our design, research and development center focuses on generating cutting edge technologies that will provide key advantages over the next decades.

Our design focus on look, function and usability while acknowledging rationalization based on ongoing market, product and user based research.

Sustainability plus an attractive appearance

REM cold room doors & shelving systems guarantee an easy handling, highest product quality grant retail companies enormous economic efficiency with a maximum of 50% energy savings.


Technical Specifications

Product variants of REM Shelving systems

  • Two types of shelves available for 1 and for 2 doors
  • 1 door length (width) 766 mm
  • 2 door length (width) 1544 mm
  • Height of posts: 3000 mm
  • Number of rows in each shelve: 5
  • For positive and negative temperature use available
  • Negative use: plastic coating will be on wires
  • Postive use: electro static painting on wires
  • 1 set includes: 5 wire shelves, 10 brackets (shelf holder),
    2 vertical poles (3000 mm), price tag, ceeling and floor fixing metals

State of the art equipment plus long experience in REM R&D creates performance

State of the art production facilities offer maximum flexibility in terms of sizes and quantities. REM also helps customers with special needs for fast, high quality door solutions.

The international assembly team with highly trained fitters always guarantees the right appearance on sight – wherever you are.

REM is different.