Semivertical sliding doors angled

Premium glass doors


Screen printed glass doors with elegant design for product presentation

  • Energy saving up 50%
  • LED lighting optional available
  • Upper and lower wheel system
  • Available for new cabinets and retrofit
  • Impressive large display area for perfect visibility
  • Smooth opening
  • Double glazing 20mm package

Product Descriptions


Highest quality double glass 20 mm (4 mm float glass + 12 mm air gap with argon + 4 mm tempered low-e glass)

Maximum Transparency

The glass doors from REM-Europe are offering high transparency which provides excellent visibility

Energy saving

REM Europe glass door systems are saving up to 50% of energy

REM-Europe Glass sliding doors are a perfect complement to Semi Vertical refrigerated cabinets, which on the one hand guarantee high energy savings and on the other hand offer hygienic and temperature protection. A smooth sliding , easy to handle, functionally reliable glass package offers the customer quick access to the goods. The attractive design complements the appearance of the refrigerated cabinet.

Technical Specifications

Material High Quality double glass 20 mm (4mm tempered float glass + 12mm air gap with argon + 4 mm tempered low-e glass)
Size 20 mm
U-Value 1,3 Wm2K