We always see ourselves at the forefront of innovative developments, both technically and in our society, and we are committed to them! We do not view sustainability as a trendy topic, but rather the inner motivation for our activities. We have an excellent team, making us well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Innovation & Sustainability

REM Europe do not have only the desire to take a sustainable approach to business, we also have a passion for improving the way we do things. We do not see innovation as an end in itself. Instead, we believe that innovation should always provide our customers with added value such as saving energy or more attractive merchandise presentation.

Eco-compatible  Glass solutions:  The continuous research for innovative technology ensures optimisation of the material conversion process and at the same time improves the quality of the finished product. It goes hand in hand with the research for solutions that respect the environment.

Respect to our customers

“What can REM Europe improve with different materials and / or new processes?”

These are questions that we constantly ask ourselves. We always want to show our respect for each customer , because new  projects are always unique. Right from the start of the collaboration, we ask questions according to plan that lead to the implementation of the project through to the production phase and the finished product.

Good to know: Our production is designed for the cost-effective production of even smaller quantities. It is often the case that new internal developments arise as a by-product of such situations. We treat our customers with respect!


REM’s broad and flexible product approach is one that best describes our ambitions in the international market.

None of our products or parts are launched before they have been put through our test facilities and declared to be fully released. REM Europe stands for top quality , innovation, optimised products and environmental protection!