Plastic doors (PMMA)

Product - Premium plastic ( PMMA ) door

pmma doors


Double pane door system for refrigerated cabinets.

  • Safety for children – lightweight
  • Nearly unbreakable
  • 1/3 of weight compared to Glass
  • Easy to handle for customer and service
  • Small self closing hinges by gravity with the smooth “Mercedes effect”- maintenance free – lab tested by 300.000 openings
  • Half installation cost compared to Glass
  • Maximum of transparency – frameless
  • Up 50 % energy saving
  • LED`s available as an option
  • OEM integration or Retrofit possible
  • Highest quality of cast acrylic with excellent UV stability
  • Excellent insulation, condense free tested by climate class 3

Product Descriptions


Since the use of doors has become the norm in the supermarket, the argument of security has come to the fore, that is why the argument of almost unbreakability has become one of the most important.  REM PMMA doors are safe, especially for children!

Max Transparency

Highest quality of cast acrylic with excellent UV stability

Energy saving

REM Europe plastic PMMA door systems are saving up to 50% of energy

REM Plastic doors are designed for all possible uses in refrigerated cabinets such as Multidecks, RIM cabinets and Cold rooms in OEM and Retrofit applications.

The advantage of this spacer construction, similar to the frameless glass door, is the absolute freedom of choice of door sizes and the unique appearance on refrigerated cabinets in the modern supermarket. No reflection from glue points and the use of large-format hinges. Due to the uniform appearance like frameless glass doors, the replacement or addition of REM plastic doors is possible in all fields of application.